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SkyDance V Press/Dress (press preview, dress rehearsal) on January 23 a big success! The debut of the production on January 30 is fully booked and the ZeroG SkyDancers are ready to start the 2013 season! Please visit for more up-to-date information. Here are some teaser movies that give somewhat of an idea of what […]

SkyDance V in production.

Full Immersion Hyperformalism by DC Spensley 8/07 to 4/08

“Full Immersion Hyperformalism” by DC Spensley who is DanCoyote in SL Graciously hosted by NMC Arts and Letters Sim. The organizing principle behind this exhibition is to encourage guests to take advantage of Second Life’s ability to “cut the tethers” that hold us in the gravity based world and gently release real life concepts like […]


      It is the role of a contemporary artist to remind us of our capacity for wonder. Wonder is an affirmation that our being holds experiences that transcend practicality and cut through ideology in such a way as to make wide eyed innocents of us all again. And while the creation of wonder […]