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Arts and Letters Exhibition

DanCoyote Exhibition Opening — Arts and Letters
DanCoyote Antonelli, Resident Artist, NMC

In this one-of-a-kind installation, Second Life artist DanCoyote has created an immersive artwork that fills the entire volume of a sim. He has exhibited work at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Jose Museum of Art (ZeroOne, ISEA), Frye Museum in Seattle (at Bumbershoots) and at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival and appears at many other venues throughout First and Second Life. More like dream space than ever before, virtual reality offers the artist a space like a gallery or museum, but not the viewer limitations of a space fixed in physical reality. In this way virtual reality is the new art venue of the 21st century.

Welcome to “Full Immersion Hyperformalism” by DanCoyote!

The organizing principle behind this exhibition is to encourage guests to take advantage of Second Life’s ability to “cut the tethers” that hold us in the gravity based world and gently release real life concepts like “Ground” and “Water” in favor of another, less encumbered experiential space.

Hyperformalism is formalist abstraction in hyper medium. By turning off rendering of facsimiles of real life, an eerie surreal space for viewing art is created where things no longer conform to the field of view of your avatar and where scale and context are no longer measured against the arbitrary figurative standard.

To see the show as intended by the artist, please take a few moments to optimze your Second Life viewer for the exhibition by using these keyboard shortcuts for PC or Mac:

• Turn on Client/Server controls: [PC = ctrl - alt - shift - D] [Mac = cmd - option - shift - D]
• Disable Camera Constraints: [PC = ctrl - alt - C] [Mac = cmd - option - C]
• Turn off clouds: [PC = ctrl - alt - shift - minus] [Mac = cmd - option - shift - minus]
• Turn off SurfacePatch: [PC = ctrl - alt - shift - 5] [Mac = cmd - option - shift - 5]
• Turn off Water: [PC = ctrl - alt - shift - 7] [Mac = cmd - option - shift - 7]
• Turn off Ground: [PC = ctrl - alt - shift - 8] [Mac = cmd - option - shift - 8]
• Set Draw Distance to 512 [Preferences/Graphics/Draw Distance = 512]